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SLIM Liposuction vs Zerona LaserLipo vs Acoustic Wave Lipodestruction

Almost every day, it seems like you hear about a new type of liposuction procedure. The last ten years have held a number of amazing advances, including the introduction of laser lipolysis. This article will look at three relatively recent developments in liposuction: the SLIM Lipo-Laser, Zerona non-surgical fat melting, and Acoustic Wave Lipodestruction. SLIM Liposuction is a form of laser lipolysis; that is, it utilizes a surgical laser to selectively target fat cells. Once these fat cells are broken down, they can easily be drained from the body. The SLIM Lipolaser is one of the newest lasers on the market, and it avoids many of the problems (such as inadvertent injury to the skin) associated with other laser liposuction devices. This mean less tissue damage, less swelling, less pain, and a faster recovery. SLIM Laser Lipo treatments work well in areas of dense and fibrous fat. This means that patients may be able to undergo liposuction on areas with prior scarring, or in areas where they have had previous surgery. SLIM Laser Lipo can be used to effectively eliminate the embarrassing problem of gynecomastia (enlargement of the male breast). The SLIM Lipolaser promotes collagen growth. This tightens the overlying skin and helps the surrounding tissues to contract. According to official estimates, this collagen growth and skin tightening continue for more than six months after the procedure. This is quite a benefit, given that saggy and loose skin is one of the most common problems associated with liposuction. A second development in liposuction also involves a laser, but doesn’t involve any surgery. The Zerona Lipolaser is a “cool” laser. No heat is generated. Instead, the device encourages the fat cells to release their stored triglycerides. There is absolutely no pain, swelling or downtime. However, unlike surgical procedures, the Zerona procedure is a series of treatments. Final results are obtained within one month. The Zerona fat shrinking treatments are most effective when the company’s protocols are followed, enabling patients to loose several inches around their belly and thighs. It is important to note that the fat cells are not destroyed with the Zerona Laser, so the fat cells can reaccumulate triglycerides if an appropriate regimen of diet and exercise are not followed. A third development uses an entirely different sort of technology — acoustic waves. Similar to the sound wave energy used to break apart kidney stones, acoustic waves can be applied to break apart fat cells. Acoustic Wave Lipodestruction is a painless treatment with no downtime. Unlike the Zerona treatments, which are helpful to reduce general circumfrential measurements, the AWL treatments can be targeted to specific areas for removal of unwanted fat. All of these techniques are new and exciting. Other technologies are soon to be introduced and are pending clearance, including cryolipo (cold liposuction) and high frequency ultrasonic liposuction.



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